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How to Deal With Rust When Painting

It takes nothing more than for iron’s exposure to create rust. A little rust to leak through your paint job on a railing or a holding tank makes your work look bad.

What Are Epoxy Paints?

The hardest part of perfection is charging for it Epoxy is just another five-letter word for money.” This bold statement comes from Rick Anderson of Vancouver’s Best Painters, in Vancouver British Columbia and sums up his satisfaction with the little-understood...

Ladder Safety Tips While Painting

An average of 4% painters in the US dies falling off ladders in construction-related work every year rendering serious and life-changing injuries in ladder accidents.

Must Have Tools For A Painter

Besides mandi­tory tools like brushes and rollers, there are power tools that painters should always have on-job site to enable them delivering a quality work.

Road Trips And Painting

Painting out of town with your guys can be a great bonding adventure or it can be an embarrassing eye-opener. I have experienced both; however, I pre­fer the former.

How Painting Contractors Lose Their Shirt

Most painting contractors fail when they go outside their geographic marketing area. On contrary, such a marketing actually expands your business with the customers.

Your Painting Service

Imagine you just finished a terrific repaint and all that remains is to collect the cheque. Before you head over for the final inspection, prepare an album of the job.

The Perfect Paint Job

The gurus say you have to make mistakes in order to learn. And over the years in the painting profession, making mistakes and then rectifying them, I learned a lot.