How to Get Along With Your Vancouver Kitchen Cabinets

Having kitchen cabinets in your Vancouver home overstay their welcome is never a pleasant thing. Here’s what to do when your worn and dated kitchen cabinetry decides it wants to stay longer than you had anticipated.

Set Boundaries. Prevention is the key. If you can, before the oak or maple cabinets, et al, actually get installed in your kitchen, let them know how long you’re willing to have them stay in your house. Decide as a family and then be clear and direct in your communication. You might say “Sure, we’d love to see your grainy glossy self. We’re available tomorrow for the next two years and then it’s time to hit the bricks and beat it pal because you are going out!” This way all parties understand the parameters. If these preventative measures are best directed at your significant other, that’s fine too. The important thing is that everyone is hip to the scene… the Vancouver kitchen cabinet painting scene that is.

Appreciate your cabinetry when it is performing well. Just because your kitchen cabinets have their days numbered doesn’t mean you can take justifiable umbrage with their existence. When you send some pasta sauce or grease flying to the center panel of the cabinets to the left and right of the stove and are able to scrub off the unwanted mess without marring the cabinets be thankful that a clear coat of urethane was put on those old things in the first place. Sure, the varathane has faded and in due course will be replaced with a fresher solid off white low satin extremely durable post catalyzed solvent and or water borne lacquer but in the meantime always encourage, never discourage.

Successful relationships have a 5-1 ratio of appreciation to criticisms and yes, that includes your relationship with your cabinets. They might be overbearing and actually downright nasty but the more you can find to appreciate about them, the easier it will be for you to be in the same room together.

Hold your ground. It’s so easy for the unwanted cabinets to stay longer than you planned. Maybe the budget is a bit tight at the moment or your partner is putting up some resistance but kindly let them both know that it’s time for the old look to go; enough is enough… time to move forward. Carp Diem!

Seize the day indeed. Who would have guessed that getting your cabinets lacquered would be such a profoundly spiritual experience?