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Refinishing Cabinets: A Few Things That Can Go Wrongs

This is just a partial list of some of the more frequent things that can go wrong during the entire process of having your Vancouver kitchen cabinetry refinished. We will also be outlining the solution to these problems so as to help other contractors who might find themselves in a similar situation. Homeowners as well can benefit from the knowledge contained herein.

Something gets broken

While in someone’s home to remove the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers to take to the shop to spray, the painting contractor breaks something. Eg: front entrance statue, wine glass, etc. Accidents are a part of life, so the contractor had better have insurance. Did you check to see if they do?  These mishaps typically stem from a contractor who is not as astute as you might like. First and foremost the contractor had better be alert and survey the work area and immediate vicinity. Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between the worker and his environment. At Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting we pride ourselves in being ergonomically correct with our movements. We clear all pathways and relocate anything that we reasonably foresee to be in the way of getting the job done quickly and efficiently all the while being cognizant of the fact that it’s just not cool to be breaking things. Contractors should apologize immediately and own the mistake without dancing around the issue. Not so long ago an employee of 604-PAINTER scratched the kitchen floor while moving a refrigerator out to paint some side panels of the cabinetry. The gouge was deep and it was obvious no superficial fix would remove or hide the scratch. We apologized then gave the customer $500 to have their floor installer fix it. This gesture was greatly appreciated. The kitchen cabinets that we lacquered were excellent but it was the way in which we handled the scratch on the floor that encouraged the homeowner to give us a rating of 10/10 on a reviews website.

Final note: Always use heavy blankets under the refrigerator to slide the appliance along if there is even a remote possibility that the fridge will leave a mark without the use of the fabric.

Your Freshly Painted Doors and Drawers Chip Easily

Well, to be honest, they *should* chip… because you got them painted when you should have had them lacquered. You’re choked and you have a right to be but did you do your due diligence at the beginning? The single most important consideration when refinishing cabinetry is, did you have them spray lacquered or did you have them painted with paint? Any paint that you buy off the shelf at any paint store formulated for “trim” is simply paint manufactured for a residential setting. Now, although your cabinets are in a residential setting you would think that a nice gallon or two of this top end paint from a reputable paint store (insert name here) would do the trick. Nope, not by a long shot and one of the more disingenuous claims made by these paint stores is that their paint is just fine for kitchen cabinetry. That’s like saying that because roller blades are shaped like ice skates and because you make the same motion with your arms and legs that the roller blades are therefore appropriate for the ice. Good luck with that and good luck with having the paint that is applied to your kitchen doors and drawers last… because it won’t. Get your doors and drawers painted with paint and you really will be skating…on thin ice though. Lacquer has always been and will always be a more durable coating than paint that’s why it’s used in bars and restaurants for all the furniture. You want to talk about a place that takes a beating; bars and restaurants top the list. There’s a good reason they don’t use “paint” for their tables and chairs. And don’t worry, lacquer can be tinted to any colour you can imagine and the sheen level is not restricted to gloss and high gloss (like in the old days). You can have any sheen level your heart desires.

Your Newly Refinished Cabinetry Turns Yellow

Yikes, not cool. So, you went with lacquer instead of paint thinking that you were out of the woods, as it were, but now your white or off white cabinets seem to have ambered (turned yellow) about a year later. That’s because they have. A solvent based lacquer was used and due to the oils and resins in the product the cabinets started changing colour the day they were re-installed in your kitchen. It’s an inevitable process and not really noticeable when you lacquer your Vancouver kitchen cabinetry with a darker colour but becomes quite evident with the lighter off whites. The solution  is quite simple;  use a waterborne lacquer (water based) and it won’t turn yellow. It’s that simple. Waterborne lacquers are extremely durable and eco-friendly as well. They maintain 100% of their original color over the course of their lifetime and when you’re dealing with whites and off-whites it becomes all the more important to use this type of coating.