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I first met Rick / 604-PAINTER / Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting a few years back when my condo corp decided to do some painting around the premises…which included our lounge and kitchen cabinets. I am happy to report that Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting did such an excellent job that I hired them for the interior painting of my new townhouse located in the Fraserview area and had my cabinets done. In-as-much as I was impressed in the first instance by the initial go-around of 604-PAINTER, my expectations were actually surpassed as I was literally amazed at just how quickly and neatly the painting got done. The job was completed ahead of schedule and the quality was top tier. Mr. Anderson himself is a professional who is above reproach, a pleasure to be around and a constant source of information as it pertains to all aspects of the painting trade. It is my hope that by reading my review of Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting people will be encouraged to pick up phone and call 604-PAINTER as it’s well worth the dime.

James William

My husband and I hired Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting to refinish the oak cabinets in our kitchen in West Vancouver. It was a pleasure having Rick spray the doors and drawers and his partner Cristina painting the boxes. The completed projected was more than we could have hoped for so we felt obliged to leave a review. Rick was easy to communicate with and Cristina always arrived with a smile and left with a smile. Since the completion of the work I have recommended Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting to a few of my friends.

Lauren Bucci

I’m leaving a 5 star review even though interestingly enough I was going to leave a 1 star review at the beginning of the cabinet project that Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting did for me. They chipped a mirror of mine and I assumed that they would deny it since it was a very slight hairline crack and hardly visible but visible to me but Rick apologized immediately and replaced the mirror, free of charge, without making me feel like I was making stuff up. The quality of the finish of the cabinets themselves was excellent as was the daily interaction with the crew but I felt inclined to leave this review since I still believe that Rick believes he never cracked the mirror but decided to just go ahead and take responsibility for it anyway to keep things smooth. Very mature response to say the least.

Colin Segar

We had to refinish our kitchen in North Vancouver as the cabinets were gone dated and looked very odd over the couple of years. I gave a call to Rick at 604-PAINTER and their team came over the next day and within a week they have renovated our kitchen and all the cabinets so neatly and on top of all professionally and within our reasonable budget. Our kitchen now looks absolutely fantastic. My wife loves the new look and feel while the entire kitchen being renovated by these professionals. Hats off to Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting!

Emraan Ali

Nobody wanted to touch my cabinet staining job except Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting. I talked to six companies and Rick was the only one who not only talked about it but was enthusiastic as well. This is not something that can be faked or taught. The attention to detail was exceptional and I am forever grateful that Rick put on a 3’rd clear coat to my boxes and end pieces free of charge simply because I asked him to. I feel like I got exceptional value using Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting.

Luck Hades

Rick Anderson and his team from Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting painted our new very large kitchen at our 5000 sq. ft. animation studio space at 200-1224 Hamilton Street within a week and did a fabulous job under a tight deadline. In our industry it is very important to get colours right and the job done in a quick and efficient manner. Rick and his team delivered. We were able to move from our old offices on time and on schedule. They were very responsive to the requests and feedback during the painting process and made sure we were happy with the result. Our creative teams now have a wonderful workspace in the kitchen that is filled with personality. We have received compliments from visitors to our company. I would recommend Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting to anyone and I would use their services again.

Anton Sam

We recently hired Rick Anderson and his Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting to paint our new warehouse\office kitchen cabinets on the east side in Vancouver. We looked at many different companies but made the easy choice on Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting, as Rick was genuinely enthusiastic about doing the work for us. He had all the necessary insurances and came with all the references I asked for. His crew look were professional and friendly from the get go and it was a pleasure to have around. Even when asked to do seemingly impossible tasks they smiled and said “sure always up for a challenge”. The quality of the work was excellent as was the pricing. The job consisted of spraying our cabinets and brushing and rolling some trim. The paint was of high quality and had a uniform look when completed. Thanks again to Rick and his crew at Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting for a job well done

Mihail Petrov

My work schedule makes it impossible to be around during the day so I didn’t see how I could even get my cabinets done since I would not trust anyone to be in my house while I wasn’t present. After talking to Rick Anderson and getting a ton of references from him I met him in person and he made me feel very at ease. Although I was not completely without apprehension I allowed some work to be done by his partner, Cristina, while I was away working. Cristina really is a “secret weapon” as Rick put it. The work itself and finished cabinets were, and remain, solid and very washable so well done on all fronts. (pun intended);>

Double Happiness

My wife was due any moment (having a baby) so I asked Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting to work overtime to get my cabinets done. Rick, Cristina and their crew were fantastic as they worked the entire weekend leading up to the birth of my baby boy. He also left the kitchen in perfect shape and was great at communicating. He was extremely easy to get along with and the entire crew was friendly and easy-going. They even write on their business cards: “our painters are friendly”. Truer words were never spoken. Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting was totally respectful of my house, of my wife, of me and of my situation. No Complaints whatsoever and I Would be happy to pass along a great referral and have in fact done so already.

Zenis Davidov

A big thanks to Rick and Cabinet Painting Vancouver for giving me my glossy cabinets even though I gave the go ahead for something less shinny. I appreciative Rick’s intuitiveness in that he knew I wanted something other than what I agreed upon. Well played Rick and yes I do say “wow” every time I walk into my kitchen now. You delivered on everything so thanks again.

Antonio Smith

I don’t usually take the time to write ‘good reviews’, but I got along so well with Rick, and he did such an amazing job that I thought the least I could do to show my appreciation would be to spend 5 minutes writing this for Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting. Moving into a new office, complete with a kitchen, I contacted a few companies to come and look at painting our walls and kitchen cabinets to match our company colours. I found Ricks pricing to be bang on for the level of quality i expected. More so, he had all the right answers, tools, and understanding of potential issues the job entailed and approached the project professionally with my best interests at hand. The work was done on time and our office looks amazing. I would recommend these guys to everyone, and look forward to using them on my new house project. I forgot…he also has the best kitchen cabinet painting website on the internet….which caught my attention if the first place.

Roberto Kozlov

Rick and his crew at Cabinet Painting Vancouver have definitely got their routine dialed in. After filling in their online form I was contacted five minutes later by phone and Rick went over the job in more detail. Rick covered every conceivable issue during the 10 minute call. After I hung up I received his email quote 10 minutes later and booked it right then and there. From the time I started to Google “cabinet painters in Vancouver” until the time I books Rick and Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting was about 30 minutes. The actual quality of work and pricing itself was sensational. I really can’t imagine anyone delivering a better service when it comes to refinishing cabinets. 5 star review for sure.

Andreson Moldovan

Ricks communication is second-to-none and his over-all approach to doing business is excellent. His legal education was definitely at play in terms of a written contract that spelled out every conceivable variable the could crop up. The cabinets were refinished to a very hard and smooth feel and I am quite comfortable scrubbing them without any concern for the finish. His partner Cristina was a joy to be around as well.

Forest Jackal

I was seriously considering throwing my cabinets out during a major renovation but the General Contractor suggested that I refinish them instead as he had some previous dealings with Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting. The GC said that I would save over $10,000 so of course I went for it. No regrets whatsoever. Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting put on what appeared to be 5-6 coats of Epoxy and the finish is both hard as tank and smooth. 5 stars from me.

Clint Sparks

I work at a spray shop and come into contact with literaly 100’s of painters so I certainly had more options than your average person to choose from when it came time to hire a painting contractor to refinish my kitchen cabinets. Long story short, I awarded the job to Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting. The project was completed in a professional manner from initial contact to completion. I would be remiss if I did not say I was very surprised that the level of service I received still exists. Rick and his painters completed the project in such a manner that I barely knew they had been in my home during the days they were there painting the ‘fixed pieces’. They were efficient, organized, clean and most importantly were very careful of the artwork and antiques I have in my home. Furthermore, Rick had the patience and time to discuss with me the various colours to be used and the quality of paint I required. The colours were exactly what I had chosen. If that were not enough, I got a psychological profile of each colour as each one pertained to the overall feel of my house. I would not hesitate to hire Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting in the future and could not imagine any project in the which they are involved would not have a high level of excellence. The rating of 5 starts that I’m awarding is well deserved.

Stepan Petrov

As a former painting franchise owner I am by no means a layman to the painting business so I knew exactly what I was looking for in a contractor. I called Rick Anderson from Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting and was impressed immediately with his knowledge and enthusiasm as it pertained to the painting business. Upon meeting him in person I quickly realized that I found the right company for my kitchen cabinets. His website gave me a ton of information about the process involved in cabinetry painting and anything else I had questions about he was quick to answer. The on site painting was done by his “superstar foreman” who lived up to his billing. I was so impressed with Imad that I was more than happy to give him a tip when it was all done. Rarely have I seen anyone work so diligently, with their nose to the grindstone and with so few breaks. My kitchen now looks fabulous and I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting to all my friends and clients

Michel William

As part of, what seems like an on-going renovation to my East Van house, I hired Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting to repaint my kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. I interviewed three companies who all said they painted cabinets. Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting was the only company who had a separate website totally dedicated to this trade which I found surprising. Without speaking poorly about the first three companies I spoke to, I can, without hesitation, say that the knowledge and expertise displayed by the owner of Kitchen Cabinet Painting Vancouver was second to none. He thoroughly discussed color options and explained the difference between “paint” and “lacquer” and “epoxy” and answered every email and phone call instantly. I was concerned about the odor of the lacquer and the possible negative effects so he made sure that the lacquer his company used was very “eco friendly”. The finished look was fantastic and is till holding up amazingly well…even as I write this review over a year after the work was completed.

Andrei Kirilov

The customer service I received from Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting (hereinafter: VKCP) was off the charts. First off, they have the best website out of anyone I saw and the owner Rick quickly got back to me when I emailed about 15 questions over the course of 3 weeks prior to actually hiring him. His responses were the most detailed emails I have ever received from any trades person. I never got the feeling that I was bothering him with so many questions the way some other contractors that I communicated with came across after just a few questions about the process. The work itself and final product was outstanding as my wife has cabinets she can scrub forever now without a care in the world. Happy wife, happy life. ;> Thank you again to Rick and his crew at VKCP.

Shamond Dux

Rick and his crew were sensational from the time I first contacted him until the project was complete. He knew every single one of my concerns, and even a bunch I didn’t even know, and methodically explained how everything would work; from the products to be used to how it got used and what got done where at what time and how long things would take. He was also very accommodating with my unsure schedule as the cabinet painting was just one aspect to a large reno I was doing. When I cancelled his pre-scheduled ‘on site painting’ due to delays from my end he didn’t bat an eye and simply said he would be ‘sitting on go’ (as he put it). Of all the trades people that did work for me he and his crew were without doubt the most friendly and professional.

Antero Smith

I flip houses all the time and require a solid reliable cabinet painting crew when I need cabinets refinished. Rick and Cristina have never let me down in the 4 projects they have been a part of and I look forward to doing more business with them in the future.

Gabby Perez

Rick’s customer service is next level. He is an extremely clear communicator, set clear expectations from both parties at the very beginning of the project, and followed through on everything we agreed on (including timelines). Christina and Rick transformed our ragedy old dark brown cabinets into brand new looking white cabinets. Rick also worked out a packaged deal by refinishing our three bathroom vanities saving us thousands in retrospect. Two thumbs up!

Rubin Naidu

After dealing with tilers who broke their promises a number of times and countertops that were not measured properly and a backsplash that looks terrible due to shoddy workmanship it was a breath of fresh air to have Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting follow through on all their promises.

Richard James

Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting gave new life to our tired, but good quality wood cabinet doors. This was a more economical way to update the look of our kitchen.


Amazing customer service, amazing prices, and the work is fantastic. We are so thrilled with our beautiful white kitchen!

Rebecca Permack