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Welcome to Cabinet Painting Vancouver, the best kitchen cabinet painting company in Vancouver and the GVRD. Kitchen Cabinet Painting is ALL we do. You’re seen the number 604-PAINTER, (604) 724-6837 your point of contact for the best cabinet painting, staining and refinishing in Vancouver, Surrey and the rest of the GVRD.  Too often a designer or General Contractor says they can’t reuse existing cabinets so everything is torn out with the homeowner picking up the tab. Luckily for you, there is a kitchen cabinet refinishing company who’s sole purpose is to save you money. Your search is over; call now: (604) 724-6837 and lets check this cabinet refinishing job off your Projects List. Also feel free to see an in depth article on the cost to paint kitchen cabinets.

 Cabinet Painting Vancouver With Epoxy Paint

CABINET PAINTING VANCOUVER can be defined as something that is beautiful in movement, appearance and presentation. WOW, did you just read THAT? There are numerous ways to refinish your kitchen cabinets in a high quality way  and save a ton of money while doing so with the goal in mind to create something elegant with your cabinets. At CABINET PAINTING VANCOUVER & BEYOND we use stain, lacquer, paint, epoxy or polyurethane. This is the smarter way to renovate your kitchen while keeping your original cabinets! Your search is over. We have been refinishing cabinets all over the GVRD for years. Call us right now at (604) 724-6837 because EVERYONE loves a new kitchen!  Also, grab some popcorn if you’re up for reading a 15,000 word article on the cost to paint kitchen cabinets in 2021.




Cabinet Painting Vancouver for over 25 years now. IT’S ALL WE DO. Your search for kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing is over. We lacquer, paint, stain and epoxy all types of cabinetry. Don’t waste your money by doing a completely new install, refinish instead. We also paint cabinets in Burnaby as well. Call: 604-PAINTER now! That’s 604-724-6837


You’re professionally trained to create a functional and quality interior environment. You can creatively resolve issues that lead to a healthy, safe and comfortable physical environment. Refinish. Re-paint. Resurface. Recreate. We have been CABINET PAINTING Vancouver and beyond, just wave your magic wand. YOU GOT THIS!


We LOVE real estate agents as they always give us lots of work. Guess THEY love us too!. We are Cabinet Painting Vancouver & beyond. Want to quickly increase the value of the property prior to listing and create the “wow” factor while doing so? It won’t cost much and your ROI will make it completely worthwhile. Here’s the math. Put in 5 grand to take 15 grand out. Pretty cool, eh?  Don’t forget to check out a ton of information on the cost to paint kitchen cabinets in 2021.


Settle your britches down General. We know your alpha male self loves demolition but you don’t always have to rip the cabinets out. Save your customer $10,000 by having them refinished instead.  In fact grab a bag of popcorn and read all about the cost to paint kitchen cabinets right down at the bottom of this page.




Cabinet painting Vancouver for so many years we may have lost track. Talk about leaving our customers scrambling for superlatives. Whether we stripped and re-stained your maple cabinets, changed the colour of those faded IKEA cabinets or made your oak no longer a joke you will be thrilled with the finished results.  The best husband and wife team cabinet painting Vancouver & beyond, we will be there…just wave your wand.

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( the short and long answer to all your questions about kitchen cabinet painting)

Question #1) What specifically do you do when you paint (or refinish) my kitchen cabinets anyway?

Short Answer:

1) Whether we’re cabinet painting Vancouver, cabinet painting North Vancouver or cabinet painting Richmond the process is the same. We up and label everything then take down your doors and drawers.  We bag all your handles and knobs and tuck them away in one of your cupboards.  Then we leave

2)  When we show up to paint the “on-site fixed pieces” a couple weeks later we clean, fill where required..tape..sand…tack cloth then prime all cabinetry. Sand again and prime again.

3) Next is 2-3 coats of industrial pre-catalyzed epoxy to all  surfaces. 

4)  We then install the doors and drawers that were prepped and sprayed at our spray shop prior to the painting of the fixed pieces.

5)  The transformation is complete.  Enjoy!


Long Answer:



1) oak cabinets

2)  maple cabinets

3) laminate cabinets

4) thermofoil

Lets assume, for the moment, that we’re doing what we do on a lot of our cabinet refinishing projects:  which is to paint those faded oak, maple, laminate, thermofoil (or whatever type of kitchen cabinets yo have.)  And to be fair, a lot of the kitchen cabinets we paint are, in fact, not in bad shape at all, nor are they even faded.  Furthermore, here at Cabinet Painting Vancouver there are no shortage of cabinet painting jobs we do where the cabinets are in what we can accurately describe as “new condition”.   In these cases its simply time to try a new colour.  After all, it’s looking pretty dark over there isn’t it?


For those who are thinking of going to a darker colour from you present light one that’s cool too.  Only YOU know what mood you want to create in your own kitchen.

Now, for starters, we don’t just “throw a coat of paint on them”. The process of painting your cabinetry is a lot more involved than that. It’s extremely detailed work. Right up there with brain surgery and rocket science.  Not quite…but close.  ;>  Don’t believe me?..then read on and decide for yourself when you see exactly what’s involved in delivering a high quality kitchen cabinet refinishing job.


Don’t concern yourself with taking down any cabinets or putting them back.  There are one million other things you would rather be doing.  At Cabinet Painting Vancouver we take pleasure in the entire process. That’s why you hired us to paint your kitchen cabinets.  And part of the process of painting them involves taking them down, taking them to our shop, painting them there and then bringing them back and installing  them.


Now, if you *insist* on saving a bit of money and want us to knock some off the over-all price then feel free to discuss with us how much you can save by removing all the doors, drawer hinges and knobs and replacing them yourselves.  For 95% of our customers we remove and replace everything with 5% doing themselves.  Whatevers clever.  Again, most of our customers have one million other things they would rather be doing than removing and replacing cabinets.  Not to mention the fact that if they’re not labelled properly and you try to put a drawer back on in what you believe to be the right spot (but it’s not…AND it’s upside down but you can’t tell) then  you will spend an hour playing around with it and maybe not ever figure of the riddle.    Sound like I’m speaking from the point of view with having first-hand knowledge?   Yipper skipper. So ya, there’s a major learning curve.   But if you feel so inclined to save a few hundred bucks then dig in my friend.  


Excellent question. We will show up and do the uninstall but before we start taking anything down we will do a couple of things to give both you and us some peace-of-mind. 


1) We will open and close and examine all your cabinets (both doors and drawers) to see how easily they in fact open and close.

Some cupboards are less than perfect so we takes notes, pictures and videos to record whatever the issue is with any particular kitchen cabinet or bath cabinets door or drawer.  This is a very important step as sometimes you don’t notice a pre-existing condition until AFTER we do the work and then do the install and then things stand out a bit more and get noticed for the first time even though it’s pre-existing.

“WHAT’S A PRE-EXISTING QUESTION” you ask?  Good question.  Here are a few examples:

Example A:

We open one of your cupboard doors above your fridge and it doesn’t open all the way but instead rubs against the top of the fridge.

Example B:

The ‘lazy susan’ that hangs in a lopsided fashion due to weakened hinge placement over the years and no amount of playing around and adjusting the hinges will make it hang in a perfectly aligned fashion

Example C:

The drawers around your sink  are in extra bad shape and are warped or bulbous in nature due to water settling on it over the years and making the surface swell.  We do a lot of extra work to make these particular drawers or doors look as best as possible.  That amounts to twice as much primer and epoxy paint than usual.  Question;  Will they look perfect?  No, only buying new will make them perfect but we can  get them up to  an 8/10 versus their current state of 3/10.


2) We look around  our work area to see if there is any damage that stands out that was caused my anyone in the past. We will also take pictures and video, where required, to help assist you in any way.

The following is an actual, verbatim, conversation we have had.

Customer:  “You scratched my floor Rick”.   

Rick: “umm…not so much.  (holding up cell  phone) Here’s the video I took of the pre-existing scratch that I noticed at the 10 second mark of me being on your property.  It’s the same video that I also emailed to you, text you about and spoke to you in  person about” 

Customer:  “Oh, THAT scratch..right..thanks…I’ve been juggling a lot of things lately with this reno..sorry.  Must have been the counter-top guys or the electricians”


Rick:  “Usually is Mrs. Jones…usually is”    



Now comes the labeling. At Cabinet Painting Vancouver we don’t want to be guessing where things go at the end so we are very methodical by clearly labeling where everything goes.  That involves putting some  painters tape on  the inside of the cabinet boxes…labeled “#1″….”#2” etc..while we simultaneously tape and label the cabinet doors associated with those areas as “#1″….#2”..etc.   until all the kitchen cabinet doors have been removed.  When the cupboard doors have all been labeled we then move onto the removal of the cabinet drawers.  Same process as above only this  time we label all the drawers with a letter instead of a number.  We also make sure we keep track of what side of the drawer is up and which is down.  Things can get a bit trick if we try to install one and it’s upside down because even though we will in fact be able to affix it it will look askew due to being slightly off.  Centimetres matter.  And those faux drawers you have under the sink…if we can get to them we will take those off as well.  Sometimes they simply don’t come off or they do come off but we can’t access the screws due to the shell of the sink being in the way.  Our goal though is to remove them if we can.




Once we get everything off we do an “official count” to make sure we have the same number of cabinet doors and drawers you said you had when we first contacted you via email and were asked of the “total number of doors and drawers”.   If there are less pieces then we will tell you what rebate you have coming and if there are more pieces than you had originally thought then we will let you know the extra charge so that we don’t leave your property with your items and THEN tell you about the extra charges.   This quite obviously is the fairest manner in  which to conduct business. At least we at Cabinet Painting Vancouver believe

Can you believe how much detail and work is involved in doing high quality cabinet refinishing and we haven’t even taken your cabinet doors and drawers out of your kitchen and to the spray shop yet!


One other nice touch we do is that when we take down, or rather, uninstall your cabinets we have to lean them up against your walls before taking them out to our truck or van.  We don’t rest them right against your walls as we don’t want to scratch any of your existing painted walls.  By placing a small piece of foam between the cabinet and the wall we protect the wall from any damage.  That foam you see is the very same foam we use to wrap and protect the doors and drawers after they are dried and cured.  But more about that later. 


We sure do.  We take off our “street  ware” and put on our DEDICATED INDOOR SHOES.  These are shoes that have never been outside, ever.  They are 100% dedicated to being inside a customers house.  Nice touch, right?




Prior to leaving we will make sure that there are no outstanding issues.  We don’t want to take your cabinetry off your property only to discover down the road when we’re painting the ‘on-site fixed pieces’ that we didn’t discuss a particular aspect of the job. Such as:




Never the  dishwasher and sometimes behind the fridge.  With the fridge it  depends on how much of the side panels you can see and to what degree it stands out and bothers you.  Most often it’s “out of site, out of mind”.  If you would like us to paint behind the fridge then please be prepared to move the fridge in and  out yourself as we don’t want to take any risks and maybe damage your floor.  Those rolling wheels that the fridge sits on can sometimes leave marks when you least expect it.


Wine racks are excluded from all initial quotes and the price to paint  them, if you want them done, is dependent on the difficulty of doing so.




We make sure we have an exact count of the number of doors, drawers and shelves.   If there are more than you said there were in your initial email we will let you know what the extra charge is.










Question #2) Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards and drawers before you arrive?
Short Answer:  No.

Longer answer:

No you don’t. We won’t be painting actually inside your cabinets except maybe behind a glass door or two where you can see the old colour. Don’t worry, we won’t be getting any dust or paint on any of your personal or foot items. Once in a while we are not able to take the cabinet drawer face off without doing damage to the drawer so in that rare instance we would take the entire drawer with us at which point you would have to empty the entire contents of all your drawers and put all the contents back yourself when the job is complete. The goal is always the same…to remove the drawer face only and take that with us and leave you the rest. For a new kitchen this is not difficult but with older style kitchens where they simply glued the face cover onto the the drawer box then we have no other choice but to take the entire drawer with us as prying off the face would cause way too much damage.

What kind of primer, paint or lacquer do you use when you refinish my kitchen cabinets?
Short Answer:   2 coats B.I.N shellac based primer to seal.  2 coats Pre Catatlyzed Industrial Epoxy.  2 coats Benny Moore Scuff-X
How much is this going to cost me and what exactly am I paying for?

Great question and be sure to check out our article on all the variables that into determining the cost to paint kitchen cabinets.  You will pay the agreed up price and no more unless you add more items or we encounter an unforeseen condition.  An unforseen condition that sometimes occurs (about 1 in a 100 kitchens) is that our coatings have a chemical reaction during our process. To rectify the situation we have to sand everything down, re-prime then re-top coat with a different product becuase for some strange and bizarre reason you cabinets didn’t like our paint.  Lacquers and lacquer-like products are tempermental.  Is it likely to happen?  No.  Can it? Yes.. 1 in 100 kitchens it in fact happens.  

What about melamine, is that any good for cabinets?
Melamine, although a bit better than regular paint is in fact just a fancy name for “paint” and also pales in comparison to a pre-catalyzed industrial epoxy.  Melamine reminds me of what it used to say on my report card when I was a kid: “good effort this term”. Melamine strives to be what it can never be;  industrial epoxy.
How do you arrive at a price for painting our cabinets? Does someone need to come and take a look?
Short Answer:  No we dont not have to go out to see your kitchen in person in order to give you an accurate quote.

Longer Answer:

We have been spraying kitchen cabinets for 29 yrs now so there is really nothing for us to see that we haven’t already seen…so no, no one typically has to come take a look. We just need to know the total number of doors and drawers and what type of wood or laminate you presently have. Then it becomes a simple math equation.  A couple factors that can affect our basic formula is if there is a tricky wine rack since we don’t include that in the price.  We also don’t incude painting inside any cabinets so if you have glass insets in a couple of your cabinet doors you might have to have behind the glass / inside the cabinets done for that area if you’re going from a darker colour to a lighter colour.

Our kitchen cabinets are Oak and my daughters kitchen is laminate. We have approximately the same number of pieces. Will the cost be the same for the both of us?

Assuming for the moment that you both have the identical number of pieces, then no, the price would not be the same. Spraying over laminate is cheaper than spraying over a wooden cabinet since there are fewer coats of lacquer that need to be applied. Spraying laminate is a three coat system (one prime, two finish) whereas spraying maple and all other wood excluding oak, is a four coat system, and spraying oak is a five coat system. (three prime, two finish).

Whats the big deal with Oak; what is it exactly that causes the price to be higher than for cabinets made from different materials?
Assuming for the moment that you both have the identical number of pieces, then no, the price would not be the same. Spraying over laminate is cheaper than spraying over a wooden cabinet since there are fewer coats of lacquer that need to be applied. Spraying laminate is a three coat system (one prime, two finish) whereas spraying maple and all other wood excluding oak, is a four coat system, and spraying oak is a five coat system. (three prime, two finish).
I have 48 pieces of oak cabinets in my kitchen. How do you arrive at a price for that? How do I book a job?
The pricing is broken up into four areas:

    1. Number of pieces multiplied by our price per piece.
    2. On-site painting of fixed pieces.
    3. Removing and replacing of hinges and knobs.
    4. Cost of materials.

Book job’s online by giving a non-refundable Interac e-transfer deposit.

How long will we be without our doors and drawers and what exactly do you do at your shop with them?
We will need your cabinetry for 2-3 weeks for the average sized job. (22-50 pieces)  .  All doors and drawers are cleaned thoroughly with disinfecting agents to remove all the oil, dirt and grime that has accumulated on your cabinets over time.  Even if you yourself have done an excellent job keeping your cabinets spotless and clean over the years we still scrub them clean prior to sanding in order to deliver a high quality refinishing project. This is a vital step in  the preparation of doors, drawers and cabinet boxes as we want the cabinet surfaces to be able to ‘take’ the primer and paint as best as possible.  We do a lot more than just a little light sanding as well.  We use orbital electric sanders in our spray shop to sand the surfaces as smooth as possible to remove all loose and peeling paint.  We typically do not strip everything entirely as that’s rarely required.  If you cabinets are delaminating…something that happens with some thermofoil on occasion then we will remove / strip the entire thermofoil off before priming it.   To paint your cabinets we typically use either an hvlp spray gun or an airless sprayer to achieve a high quality finish with no brush marks to your doors and drawers nor any brush markts to your cabinet boxes.  Most often we brush and roll the boxes to get a similar look to the sprayed doors and drawers.
I'm pretty handy with a drill. Can I remove the replace the doors and drawers and take the hinges and knobs off myself?
No problem but again, I’m guessing that there are one million other things you would rather be doing.  If I’m wrong and this is no big thing and you’re also good at it AND you want to save some money then by all means dig in.  Please note that anything you take down ALSO has to go back up.  In other words, you can’t have all the fun (doing the uninstall of the cabinets) and THEN pass over the tricky part to us…the install.


Actually you can provided we still get paid in full (typically $400’ish) that we charged for both the uninstall and install.  In other words, you just did an uninstall  and got paid nothing for it.  So if you **LOVE** helping out and want to be part of the process you can but in this particular case you won’t get paid for it.  Your ‘street cred’ goes up though.  ;>

I use to be a College Pro Painter. I can probably do the on site painting myself as well. Can you set me up?
There are probably a number of things that you would  rather be doing.  We don’t really recommend it but if (push comes to shove) and you feel so inclined we can give you the exact application tools we would use if we were to do it ourselves. Typically though, the majority of our customers prefer to shy away from this aspect… and understandably so.  For what it’s worth the owner of Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting used to be a College Pro Painter and was Painter of The Year in North America when he produced 1142 hours over 8 bi-weekly payrolls in Toronto, Ontario and beat out 3300 other College Pro Painters.  Despite having all those hours he was still just a College kid so it’s anyone guess at just how good the quality was.  Decent but not what it is after you get 30 yrs of painting under your belt.  Painting the fixed pieces in a kitchen to give a simulated ‘spray like look’ and painting all the crown…kicks…etc without getting any brush marks is no easy things.  If you’re up to it then dig in but your quality won’t be anywhere near what we can do for you.  Prior experience as a College Pro Painter notwithstanding. ;>
We are trying to take the fronts off the drawers that are glued with screws. Do you normally rip them off or can you paint around the drawers?
Sounds like you should leave them be as there could be issues getting them back on. We can prep, prime and spray them as is if that seems to be the better route.
We are painting the kitchen walls as well. Should we paint the walls before or after you paint the cupboards?
We would do the walls first. Touching up a wall due to any inadvertent damage during the install (by yourself) is much less egregious than injury inflicted upon a cabinet stemming from an accident by the aforementioned customer.
Do we wash the doors and frames before you guys arrive.
Thank you but don’t do any washing or cleaning of the cabinetry as that is part of what you’re paying for.
I’m a bit concerned about the smelly primer. Not only do we have a toddler but I am pregnant, so it won’t be so good for me/baby either.
We’re in full agreement with you on this one. We do not use smelly dangerous solvent based primers; we use very eco-friendly low odor pre catalyzed water based lacquer primers. The best primer/sealer on the market.
What's your policy on deposits and are they refundable?
We have been Cabinet Painting Vancouver
and beyond for years now and are exceedingly fair when it comes to handling your money. Deposits are 100% refundable if there are less than 5 emails we had to respond to. Anything between 5-10 is 50% refundable and if we responded 10 times or more during the course of the planning of your project then there is no refund whatsoever.


Over the past 30 years, 604-PAINTER, also known as Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting has become one of the most recognizable brands in Vancouver, North Vancouver and the rest of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. As the undisputed industry leader in kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting will undertake any project of any size. Located in South / East Vancouver we will travel as far as required to service your cabinet refinishing needs. Cabinet painting Vancouver and just about anywhere else in the GVRD is our specialty with the price for our cabinet refinishing typically ranging from $1500 to $15,000, depending on the size of your kitchen and number of cupboards and drawers to be painted, lacquered or stained. For a comprehensive look at the cost to paint kitchen cabinets in 2021 just click the link.  We have been painting and staining kitchen cabinets for three decades in the Vancouver, and the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Call 604–PAINTER (604) 724-6837 if you live in Vancouver or the GVRD or call toll free 1-800-PRO-PAINTER 1-800-776-7246 if you live outside the Greater Vancouver Regional District for any of your kitchen cabinet refinishing needs.

Cabinet painting Vancouver in Point Grey.


“Kitchen cabinet painters near me’. Hey, you searched it not me and now I have to let you know whats up. West Point Grey is an a well off neighbourhood known for Jericho and Spanish Banks beach parks, which have mountain views and are popular for swimming and water sports. July 4th 2019 you were sitting in one of those bistros after having spent the day playing frisbee at Jericho.

Your belly was full and the sun was setting when you realized you still had not ticked off one project for 2019. The project of repainting your kitchen cabinets. “I wonder if there are any kitchen cabinet painters near me” you wondered.

Time for professional kitchen cabinet painting you thought as you finished off your last bit of wine.

people relaxing by water at sunset


Cabinet painting Vancouver on the North Shore and West Vancouver

West Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting And Refinishing

If you haven’t figured it out already no matter what municipality you’re in when you search: “cabinet painters near me” or “cabinet painting near me” or any other way you want to say it Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting will come up near the top of the SERP’s. (search engine results page)

We don’t just re-paint cabinets in Vancouver, we paint kitchen cabinets in West Vancouver all the time…aka: “West Van” and please, don’t confuse that with the “west side” or the “west end”

Half of our kitchen cabinet painting work is done on the North Shore so is you’re looking for a North Vancouver painter as well we might be the company for you. Provided you’re looking for a cabinet painter near you though.

large ferry on water surrounded by mountains, sloped trees and billowy clouds.


Cabinet Painting Vancouver in the Seaside part of town.

Seaside Greenway is a world famous bike route found in Vancouver. When people are walking on a dedicated bike path safe from cars they are not thinking about their beautiful surrounding typically. They can usually be found playing with their phones and searching “cabinet painters near me”. Ah yes, that old kitchen cabinet project still not checked off the Projects List huh?

This path is safe for riders, trikers, rollerbladers and e-skateboards of all ages and abilities, and fun for pedestrians and joggers, too. And those electric skateboarders I can assure you that they’re NOT searching for “cabinet painters near me” when they take a break. More like “closest weed store” but surely I digress.

The route follows The Great Trail from the Vancouver Convention Centre, along Coal Harbour, around Stanley Park Seawall and False Creek, to Granville Island.Feel free to grab your phone and search for ‘cabinet painters near me” while you’re taking a ferry on False Creek or if you continue west on Seaside Greenway to Jericho.

boats moored at night on glistening water by path and buildings


Cabinet painting Vancouver in Coal Harbour:  What an amazing part of Vancouver.


Coal Harbour is world famous for its beautiful marina, mountain views, and mix of casual and upscale waterside eateries where you can relax to figure out the question you think about most often as you go throughout your day. “Are there any kitchen cabinet painters near me?” Seaplanes taking off and landing while people in the near-by glittering condo towers sit there staring out there windows wondering the same thing. “I wonder if there are any kitchen cabinet painters near me”? Odd isn’t is that they pay the most money per square foot in all of Canada and their kitchen cabinets look like an IKEA experiment from the 80’s gone wrong? the modern, grass-roofed Vancouver Convention Centre. The paved Seawall walking and cycling path follows the shore to forested Stanley Park, where the Vancouver Aquarium is home to tropical fish and penguins who most assuredly don’t give a flying you know what about cabinet painters near them.

small planes moored in water at sunset with tall buildings and beautiful sky


Cabinet painting Vancouver in Stanley Park.   What; surely you jest?


Hi, My name is Joanne and this is my story about how I discovered some kitchen cabinet spray painters near me. I was in Stanley Park and as usual the beauty of the park left me speechless. I caught a bus to the park and it started to pour as soon as I got off the bus. I had an umbrella and walked through the park to the Aquarium. Even in the rain it was breathtaking. I plan to spend as much time there, walking the trails (never felt nervous or unsafe), strolling along the seawall, viewing the city skyline, etc. Will always return to Stanley Park every time I get a chance. While strolling along the seawall looking out at the mountains I felt so good about life that I figured it was time to get my kitchen cabinets painted so I reached into my pocket and grabbed my phone and searched: “kitchen cabinet painters near me” I checked out a few of the results and was not impressed so I tried a different search this time with “best kitchen cabinet painters near me”. I didn’t want just average kitchen cabinet painters, I wanted the BEST! As luck would have I saw Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting and checked out there website and found out they company was a husband and wife team so I decided to call them. If it wasn’t for that walk around the Stanley Park Seawall I doubt I would have gotten around to searching for the best kitchen cabinet painters near me.



Cabinet painting Vancouver in Stanley Park


Cabinet painting Vancouver Near Me In The British Properties

You have the billion dollar home in The British Properties in West Vancouver so good on you for that but why did that billion dollar home come with kitchen cabinets that look like a Rocky Horror Picture Show? Developer cut a few corners huh? No problemo, luckily we’re in the area and if you have psychologically recovered from the insults maybe you will give us a call. You remember, it’s 604-PAINTER, the number that cost me $10,000 12 years ago because some random dude didn’t want to cough it up. It works though because watch this…..just TRY and forget about it. You can’t. It’s impossible. The ONLY way to get it off your brain is to hire us to paint your kitchen cabinets. When you search: “cabinet painters near me” just take a look and see who comes up #1 in the Organics. I think we both know where this is going. The clock is ticking.

birds eye view of dozens of big houses on a hill

Best Kitchen Cabinet Painters Near Me In Squamish

Remember that time you were on Sea To Sky Highway on your way to Squamish and you pulled over onto the shoulder to search “kitchen cabinet painters near me” and Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting was at the top of the organics? Or that time you were climbing the mountain called Stawamus Chief, a huge granite monolith, and you took a break to check your phone and do a search for “kitchen cabinet painters near me” because you knew that after mountain climbing you would have to get back to finishing your kitchen renovation? The Sea to Sky Gondola has views of the sound and nearby Shannon Falls, a towering waterfall cascading down a series of cliffs…very close to that spot you searched for “cabinet painters near me”

spectacular black mountains in ocean with billowy clouds

Cabinet painting Vancouver on Vancouver Island.  Working in paradise.

A good poem on nature slows us down. It reminds us of the dirt we walk on, the trees we pass by, the birds overhead, the hands that have tilled and planted, the survival of seeds—of animals, of humans. The real challenge occurs when you sit there admiring nature and the only thing you keep thinking of is if you should grab your phone and search: “kitchen cabinet painters near me because it’s March and you still haven’t ticked your cabinet re-painting job off your Projects List.

girl in red shirt and jeans sitting at top of hill overlooking green trees, mountains and ocean

Looking out at the spectacular scenery while thinking of her kitchen cabinet painting project.


Cabinet painting Vancouver & The GVRD

Ok, here’s the deal. These are just our last 50 cabinet painting jobs in Vancouver, Surrey, New West, Richmond etc..etc. You kind of get the feeling that when you search “kitchen cabinet painters near me” that we’re close by?  This is pretty compelling evidence for who does A TON of kitchen cabinet painting jobs in and around Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Giddy up!

topographic map of vancouver showing 50 different locations of cabinet painting jobs in the last year

Vancouver and The Greater Vancouver Regional District from the air.


Vancouver Kitchen Cabinet Painting expert Rick Anderson:  In his Ghostbusters outfit in his spray booth / shop.


Kitchen Cupboard Painting Near Me

Expertise, authority and trustworthiness of expert cabinet refinisher Rick Anderson.




Don’t Be Shy About Your Cabinet Painting. Vancouver And Beyond… Like Magic Just Wave Your Wand.

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