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Choosing a Career in Painting

A career in the painting trade can be financially rewarding and provide satisfaction for the skilled craftsperson who takes pride in a job well done.

Surfaces and Substrates in Painting

A substrate is a material to which paint, coating, or wall covering is applied – and the portion of substrate to which paint, coating, or wall covering is applied is a Surface.

Ladder and Fall Protection While Painting

Falls from ladders, scaffolds, and lifts to reach elevated areas can cause serious injury or death to the painters when the wrong kinds of fall protection equipment are used.

Protecting Yourself While Painting

Avoiding safety procedures can make painting a hazardous trade. Painters must climb ladders, rig tall structures, and work on platforms and other scaffolding.

Leadership in The Painting Business

Proper job planning and on-site management (supervision and control) are important factors that contribute to profitably accomplishing a professional painting job.

Choosing the Paint Colour for Your Home

Often customers could not decide which color they want for their paint job. Whether poorly selected in the past or are unsure visualizing which would be the best one.

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