Call 604-PAINTER (604)724-6837 or email info (at)  Cabinet Painting Surrey for over 20 years and if that wasn’t enough we plan on painting kitchen cabinets in Surrey for another 20 years! We are the only kitchen Cabinet repainting specialists in the Surrey area. We are experts in taking your old oak, maple, laminate or any other type of cabinets and making them look brand new again.  When we have completed our work and done the installation only two words will pass your lips: “splendid” and “remarkable”.


As a Surrey homeowner, one of the first things you’ll discover when looking at new kitchen cabinetry is that there are countless choices. In fact, there will be far more than you anticipated. As it turns out, painting, refinishing, resurfacing, refacing or repainting kitchen cabinetry in Surrey BC isn’t just about choosing colours and styles, but also about choosing the right professional kitchen cabinet painting company with the capability to transform your kitchen cabinets.

Surrey Kitchen Cabinet Painting


Every home owner on earth wants two things…number one…a nice home…followed very closely by number two, a beautiful kitchen. Note to the men; relax with the Man Cave for a moment…we’re not talking about you pal….four words for you buddy…”happy wife…happy life”


Spending money on a kitchen upgrade is money well spent. Your clients will get back 4 times that amount when it comes time to sell. It was the first thing you learned at Real Estate School. Cabinet Painting Surrey is the best professional cabinet refinishing company in Surrey. And everyone said “amen”


There’s more to your career than fluffing pillows…a lot more. You do great things to and for any environment you come into contact with. That’s one of the main reasons why Surrey Kitchen Cabinet Painters exists in the first place…to help facilitate your greatness. Always sitting on ‘go’ for any of our designers. Feel free to check out our pricing on our article: cost to paint kitchen cabinets


Your clients really don’t have to spend all that money on a brand new kitchen when their cabinets can simply be refinished instead. Easy..peasy. Surrey Kitchen Cabinet Painters will take care of all your cabinet refinishing needs.


kitchen living room

Lacquer, epoxy, stripping and re-staining followed by multiple clear coats of non-ambering polyurathane.


Sounds like a party quite frankly. Call Surrey Kitchen Cabinet Painters for all your partying needs….edit: for all your cabinet painting and


 refinishing requirements. 


 Your Kitchen is the backdrop for daily activities and many of your most treasured memories, too!


 Every element of your home bears the double task of being aesthetically pleasing while, at the same time, providing important functions.


Because of their prominence in your kitchen, which is often the center of much activity in the home, kitchen cabinets are a particularly crucial


place where aesthetics and function meet. Because of the wear and tear that kitchen cabinets endure by virtue of the fact that they are


constantly in use, a commitment to craftsmanship is essential if your cabinets are to continue looking the way you want them to.   




The proper treatment and installation of your cabinets, therefore, works toward both of these ends simultaneously: When kitchen cabinetry is done right, it will not only look beautiful, but it will perfectly fulfill the function that it was designed for. In order for these needs to be met, Cabinet Painting


Surrey brings three particular virtues to the table: a wide range of service and product options, the expertise required to select and execute the proper treatment, and experience with not only the work itself, but also with satisfying our customers.. ;> See also the cost to paint kitchen cabinets and you will be thrilled to see that we have the most reasonable prices for cabinet repainting and refinishing than any professional cabinet painting company in Canada. 


Surrey Kitchen Cabinet Painters Accredited As One Of The Best Cabinet Refinishng Companies In North America.

Established In 1990

For the last 30 years Surrey Painters has been one the most recognizable and reputable Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company in Surrey and the GVRD and has been accredited as one of Canada’s Best Painters by Canada’s Best Painters and The North American Best Pro Painter Accreditation Council.  The vision and Mission Statement for Surrey Painters  is to continue to be the #1 painting and kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing company in Surrey and The Greater Vancouver Regional District for another 30 years.

“Cabinet Painting Surrey. I’m thrilled that I hired them!

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