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The Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process


Step 1 - Hire an Expert

Whether we’re painting, lacquering or applying an industrial pre-cat epoxy to your cabinets you’re going to get your ‘new install’ but for a fraction of the price. As experts in cabinet painting and refinishing we will find out your exact needs and deliver an outstanding refinishing job on time and under budget.

Step 2 - Remove Hardware

We will remove all hinges, knobs, doors, and drawers and label them carefully so that there is no mistake as to what goes where when it comes time to re-install them. An often mistake done by non-professionals prior starting the job. We at VKCP, ensure that the associated hardware is properly listed for.

Step 3 - Take Inventory

Now that your cabinets are gone for 2-3 weeks you get to view your life in a way hitherto unseen. Time to remove the torn shelf paper or to start cutting down on junk food? And you thought you were just getting your cabinets painted. Please take advantage of this rare opportunity – that too without any charge!


Step 4 - Cabinets Examination

A quick examination of the cabinetry to be painted to take note of any knicks that need to be filled, any cracks that need to be caulked and any grease etc that needs to be cleaned prior starting the job. While the ‘wooden look’ has its place it can also look and feel dated and out of sorts in a lot of newer homes.


Step 5 - Remove Interferences

Before any priming or painting begins, we first scrape off anything that would interfere with the spray pattern and that comes off easily. Typically, a lot of cabinet doors have a small contact lens shaped piece of waxy plastic substance in the corner so as to protect the cabinet door from hitting the fixed pieces.

Step 6 - Cleaning

Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. You might be surprised at just how much ‘stuff’ we clean/scrub off prior to the priming. This is one of the most important and essential element during the job in order to encourage proper adhesion of the undercoat to be applied before proceeding ahead.


Step 7 - Priming

After cleaning we spray one coat of pre catalyzed solvent based lacquer primer to seal all the oils and resins in the wood so that there is no ‘bleed through’.  That’s good for maple or laminate or any non oak.  For oak, due to its porous nature we hand push 3 coats of oil based KILZ deep into the substrate to seal properly.


Step 8 - Sanding

After the first coat of oil based primer, we use 220 grit sandpaper to sand in preparation for the next coat of primer. The second spray application of primer is applied. This is the end of the priming stage, unless we are doing oak, in which case we have to apply a third coat to totally seal the substrate.

Step 9 - Glass Protection

After doing a dry brush to clean off any dust from sanding between the coats; next is the glass protection – which although cost a bit more to paint these cabinet doors since the glass has to be protected perfectly. A ton of taping is thus required to ensure the process go smoothly. And yes, it takes a long time, however.

Step 10 - The Spray

While we are spraying all your doors and drawers off site we take a day or two to do the on site work. Sometimes that means spraying and other times brush and roll. And we finally get to spray some finish coat. We love the look of newly sprayed cabinets in the morning… looks like victory!

Step 11 - Delivery

Removing tape means we’re getting close to the end. With each piece individually wrapped with thick bubble wrap to protect your sparkling new cabinets, the delivery is now at your door-steps. It is now a matter of moments before we surprise you with your kitchen cabinetry.  Everything that you have dreamed of.

Step 12 - Installation

Now it’s time to get the refinished cabinets plugged back in. The delivered cabinetry is then re-assembled and installed. The previously removed hardware, hinges, knobs, and other accessories are also re-installed. So, what next? Nothing. Job done! All refinished  so stand back and enjoy your new kitchen!
“The guys at 604-PAINTER gave our kitchen cabinetry a fantastic look. These guys are real professionals and know the best!”.
Maria Jones

Maria Jones, Boutique Owner


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